πŸ“„ Code Reviews: The good, the bad, and the absolute abhorrent

What do you mean "LGTM"???

Written on: Sat May 04 2024
πŸ“„ Don't repeat yourself.

Escape the copy-paste trap. Learn how to be DRY β€” because the only thing cornier than using 'DRY' as a pun is not using it in your code.

Written on: Sun Feb 25 2024
πŸ“„ Concurrency and Parallelism in Rust.

In a nutshell.

Written on: Thu Dec 28 2023
πŸ“„ Refactoring - The only way forward is going back.

Let's deep dive into something we all love to do - touching other peoples stale old code.

Written on: Mon Nov 13 2023
πŸ“„ Laying it All Out: Layouts πŸ“

Why you should probably use layouts, because, surprise, they'll magically make you more attractive (in the code world at least).

Written on: Wed Nov 01 2023
πŸ“„ Gall's law - We Devs Are the Issue.

Building systems? Keeping it simple might just be your best bet. Let’s dive into why predictability is key.

Written on: Sun Oct 08 2023
πŸ“„ Deploying Sarcasm Globally with Deno Deploy πŸŒπŸš€

Deploying not just apps but sass (not the pre-processor) globally with Deno. A weekend with coffee, code, and a new toy.

Written on: Fri Aug 18 2023